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The Rorschach Cameo series is a study of the human form as both site and subject for body adornment. The figure historically has been a popular motif in jewelry, particularly in carved relief cameos and engraved intaglios. Although a popularly held image of the cameo is that of an idealized woman’s profile, the cameo has varied over time and cultures to include images of mythology, Biblical figures, as well as individuals of political importance. I am interested in visiting the cameo in my own work, interpreting this historical jewelry object through contemporary forms, colors, and materials.

Even with significant degrees of abstraction, I have found that viewers are generally apt, or maybe inclined, to recognize the human form. Drawing from this observation, every piece in this series distorts the figure to a greater or lesser degree. Additionally, each piece is symmetrical. This is in reference to the psychoanalytical Rorschach inkblot test. An analyst trained in administering the test would be able to derive useful insight into a subject’s subconscious based on their answers to the abstract visual test. I intend to make reference to the interpretive nature of the blot test, allowing my abstracted cameos to exist in their own wearable dreamscapes.