Rebecca Annand holds both her BFA (2008) and MFA (2010) in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. While there, she gained access to the 3D print lab facilities and started her interest in current additive manufacturing technologies and their relationship to traditional jewelry forms and techniques.

While thrilled with the possibilities and intricacies of form allowed with 3D modeling, she was frequently dissatisfied with the materials and surface quality produced through common printing processes. This dissatisfaction lead to her developing a process of resisting and dyeing her pieces, allowing added depth, as well as an opportunity to bring a “hand crafted” moment back into her process.

Rebecca’s current work explores the body as both site and subject for body adornment. The figure historically has been a repeated motif in jewelry, particularly in carved relief cameos and engraved intaglios. Although a popularly held image of the cameo is that of an idealized woman’s profile, the cameo has varied over time and cultures to include images of mythology, Biblical figures, as well as individuals of political importance. Informed by this figurative tradition, her current work explores this historical jewelry object through contemporary forms, colors, and materials.

In 2011, Rebecca moved to New York City where she currently designs by day and continues to pursue her own artistic interests by evening, weekends, and anytime in between.